Cloud server management

Our company can help with transforming a part of your company into fully managed cloud solution. With cloud hosted monitoring, you pay for only consumed resources and you do not need to pay to not-running instances of your hardware. We can help you to find the best enterprise cloud backup.

Cloud services and hosting servers

Device performance monitoring is a critical part of any internet business entity, that want to launch its own website. Our tool can help you with detailed reports about your website or web service, without need to directly connect to the console of monitored device in the backend. Our company can monitor Microsoft-based servers, Linux servers, or any kind of service that can be connected to the internet. Our performance monitor tests various statistics about your website, your network connection, and based on rising - falling average times can give you detailed information about performance of your system. This performance testing tool is web base, and is not using any kind of desktop software. Used keywords : call center performance management sw, monitor windows device performance, MS performance monitor, mobile app performance monitoring, monitor web device performance, monitor network performance, web performance monitoring tools, linux network performance test, windows device performance monitoring, cloud storage performance, sql device performance counters, network performance monitoring

Managed internet cloud alternate offer

Our company take care – easily, transparently, in the cloud - about large-scale databases of client's data . Our advertising platform is based on mathematical models as a primary source of knowledge. As large-scale databases need Gigabytes of storage space, our IT department have big knowledge of cloud based technologies, including petabyte databases hosted entirely in the cloud. As a part of our offer, we would like to offer you complete server server monitoring, downtime tracking, and server server backuping in the cloud. Our offer can grant you significantly reduced cost-per-gigabyte of alternate computer data, allowing you to sleep better because of 100% working backups of your critical data.

Cloud management service

We are not connected with just one, concrete cloud SaaS provider. Our business has great knowledge with using multiple cloud, or semi cloud hardware providers. Based on your first needs, can help you to select the best possible cloud provider. In the first discussion, we will ask you a range of questions, since we need detailed information about current server website and service technology of your company. Based on your current usage of SQL servers, can help you to select the best matching SQL data base in the cloud. Based on your geo location and needs, can suggest you the best Saas cloud computing business, while taking the nearest geo cloud location as the main reason. Choosing the best Saas provider is the most critical part of the process - It does not matter, if you want to run financial sw, HR sw, business applications, of simple Android app in the cloud - every SaaS provider has multiple portfolio of cloud services, tightly connected with given services, and it's the best time to select your provider right in the beginning.

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